Saturday, January 22, 2011


Today was... TERRIBLE!!

I got one ten minute break over a seven hour period.  Seriously?

I was supposed to go to a Polish dinner at a friend's apartment tonight.  I drove downtown and everything... but parking was bad, my phone was dead, and I was alone and tired.  タビ、ごめんあさい!!I really wanted to go.   I have Polish music and everything.   :(  I'll try to find the CD for you ~_~

Now I am trying to relax by watching a creepy J-horror movie called "Premonition" on Netflix (Thanks Schuyler!!) and drinking some cheap red wine. (Though I really must brush my teeth before I go to bed!!

I finished Season 3 of 30 Rock.  Pretty dang good ^_^.

The best part of work today was Joe stopping by, and seeing Christina.  You guys need to come by more often please!!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Language and You

This past year has been quite fun as far as languages are concerned.
This past semester I took Japanese at UWM.  It was really interesting.  I think I have a good basis to begin self study.  There is this wonderful website that one of my friends showed me called  I have been using it to memorize my Japanese vocabulary.

I am also very interested in becoming more involved in the field of translation.  So I will be practicing that, and restudying my old grammar text books.

Currently I have become interested in the mood created by creepy movies.  I love the atmosphere.  I just watched The Ring, and found it interesting to watch, I'll be watching the original soon.

I got a sewing machine for Christmas!!!  So I have been spending some of my free time repairing the old pillowcases I love.  Dorky I know, but I do love to see my repair pile shrinking.

I'll try to post again soon.  ^_^


Saturday, March 13, 2010

I should.

I should be getting ready for work. But first a post.

I'm currently Reading: H.P. Lovecraft's Book of Horror
This is filled with stories by authors older than dirt.  I LOVE it.  I highly reccomend this book if you are interested in learning about H.P. Lovecraft and his contemporaries.

I am: at 109lb.  And I'm so happy about that.  They've put me on a lower does of addeall and I'm hoping It will help with my concentration and motivation and let me keep my appetite and love of cooking.

I'd like to: Buy a nice camera, get a new job, and visit my cousin in Nashville, and my friend in Ohio.

I'm tempted to: buy an E-reader... ~_~ so shiny!!!

I miss: hanging out with Joe.  Talking to Jamie.  Speaking spanish.

I spoke: Spanish today translating at the Granville Clinic.  : ) Thanks Kaffy for the opportunities.

I should: take a shower... make a sandwich.

I'm watching: 13 Miedos.  It's a 13 episode series which is only 20 minutes long.  I'd reccomend it to anyone who likes to be scared.. but it's only in Spanish and it doesn't have subtitles.  But fortunately the subject matter is pretty simple for each episode.  And they are short enough that they keep my short attention span.

That was fun, why don't you fill it out and see what you come up with?  I've got to get ready for work!

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Dear Grampa Steuer,
I'm worried about you.  I'm sure everyone is.  I haven't visited you yet, and I know I should.  Could I come tomorrow?  I hope you are able to get the water out of your body so that they can operate soon.  I hope you are at a good hospital with a great heart surgeon.  You're way too cool to be trusting your life to a less than amazing surgeon.
  I've been hard at work at my stupid job.  I bought a tango CD.  Do you like Tango?

My body is buzzing with coffee now, and now I'm eating lunch.  I can't wait to go home.  Kaffy is coming over tonight and we are going to watch a movie, and drink a beer or two.  I am really looking forward to it.

Tomorrow I am seeing my friend Jasmine and we are going to play games and watch movies.  Yay.  And I also work tomorrow, but whatever, it will be fun.  Maybe I'll even make it to church tomorrow! yeah!


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dear World

Dear World,
Why is contentment so hard?

Anyway.  I'm trying to be happy today. I found two great videos
and a Cute Couple
Yesterday was snow and tea and Jasmine and Dexter.  It was also Crazy boots, and Cthulhu.
It was lonely and not.
It was church and strangers, it was avoiding handshakes.
It was sewing.
It was falling asleep at 2:34

Today I don't know what to do with myself.
I work at 5:00pm... till Close, of Course!
Get me out of here...

Friday, February 19, 2010

Movie times!

I've been watching  A LOT of movies lately

I've watched seasons 1-6 (up to episode 10) of The Office (Thank you Doug).
I've also watched some good old movies including: The Maltese Falcon, Casablanca, and Rear Window
And some great indie movies: Sunshine Cleaners, Off the Map, and Little Miss Sunshine.
I'm currently watching: Kingdom Hospital which is based off another mini series called Riget I'm quite curious about that series now.  It's interesting to see how Stephen King brings in aspects of his books into the story.  But... I won't go into that.. I don't know how to create a spoiler! ^_~ but I'm really enjoying the personalties of the different people in the story, and the quirks that the hospital itself has.  It's not nearly as dark as regular Stephen King book, though I have seen another side of him in The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon.  Which is dark, but also has an innocent feeling to it.  I did find a copy of the book as a pop up.. it was in the children's section at Half Price Books, which, although I say it has an innocent feel, I'm not sure it is appropriate for children!

Finally, I found out that the first season of Fringe a tv series was on sale at Best Buy for $10.00.  However, when I went to see if it was available... the Best Buy near Mayfair Mall was out.  When I got home, I checked to see if I could buy it online, no dice.  When I checked to see where it was available.. Delafield or Racine.  Fortunately I was visiting a friend in Union Grove on that day so it wasn't too far out of my way... ok it was a little, but still 20 episodes and 7 DVDs for ten dollars?! And strange stories to boot? I'm in!

Also, I need to get a new DVD case.. What do you think, would it be more sensible to buy a big square one (4x4) or a (2x2) rectangular one?  I have filled two rectangular ones already (Almost) One has movies and tv series in it.  The other is almost full of Anime.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Today I went out to eat with my mom at Cousin's Subs.  It made my stomach upset.  I actually did really well with pizza today though, who would've guessed!

I watched Rushmore today with Kaffy-bear.  It was fun.  I hope we can do this again sometime soon! 
Afterwards I went to Starbucks.  I'm glad I'm a quiet person...Jamie was there.  Also, the parking lot was packed!!  I parked so close to a car that I was afraid I would hit it on the way out. Sooo Danny moved it for me Thanks Dannnyyyyyy!!!! Also, I left out the back... I just don't really want to talk to him yet.

Grampa S. is doing better... but he has to stay in the hospital for another night.  It takes three hours to for each unit of blood. and they want to give him two more... I hope he can go home soon.

I started re-watching  X-files season 2 again.  Dunno why.  I should get season three soon : ) yay dorky!