Saturday, March 13, 2010

I should.

I should be getting ready for work. But first a post.

I'm currently Reading: H.P. Lovecraft's Book of Horror
This is filled with stories by authors older than dirt.  I LOVE it.  I highly reccomend this book if you are interested in learning about H.P. Lovecraft and his contemporaries.

I am: at 109lb.  And I'm so happy about that.  They've put me on a lower does of addeall and I'm hoping It will help with my concentration and motivation and let me keep my appetite and love of cooking.

I'd like to: Buy a nice camera, get a new job, and visit my cousin in Nashville, and my friend in Ohio.

I'm tempted to: buy an E-reader... ~_~ so shiny!!!

I miss: hanging out with Joe.  Talking to Jamie.  Speaking spanish.

I spoke: Spanish today translating at the Granville Clinic.  : ) Thanks Kaffy for the opportunities.

I should: take a shower... make a sandwich.

I'm watching: 13 Miedos.  It's a 13 episode series which is only 20 minutes long.  I'd reccomend it to anyone who likes to be scared.. but it's only in Spanish and it doesn't have subtitles.  But fortunately the subject matter is pretty simple for each episode.  And they are short enough that they keep my short attention span.

That was fun, why don't you fill it out and see what you come up with?  I've got to get ready for work!