Saturday, February 27, 2010


Dear Grampa Steuer,
I'm worried about you.  I'm sure everyone is.  I haven't visited you yet, and I know I should.  Could I come tomorrow?  I hope you are able to get the water out of your body so that they can operate soon.  I hope you are at a good hospital with a great heart surgeon.  You're way too cool to be trusting your life to a less than amazing surgeon.
  I've been hard at work at my stupid job.  I bought a tango CD.  Do you like Tango?

My body is buzzing with coffee now, and now I'm eating lunch.  I can't wait to go home.  Kaffy is coming over tonight and we are going to watch a movie, and drink a beer or two.  I am really looking forward to it.

Tomorrow I am seeing my friend Jasmine and we are going to play games and watch movies.  Yay.  And I also work tomorrow, but whatever, it will be fun.  Maybe I'll even make it to church tomorrow! yeah!



  1. I'm worried about him too. We went to see him Thursday...

  2. mom said he was trying to hit the orderlies? ~_~ scary. He was like this after brain surgery or before? wasn't he?