Friday, January 22, 2010

Life is.

Today was pretty slow at work.  I put the chairs up at work, in hopes that people would think we were closed.. (evil?)  It seemed to work though.

After one a police woman came in asking if we were closed, asking for coffee.  We did tell her we were closed, but then she said there had been a homicide.  Jodie (sp?) and I swung into action (well mostly her).  We made 4 Americanos and a Mocha. Coming in after close is one thing, but coming in asking for coffee because there's been a homicide and it's going to be a long night is another.  We were in very good shape so it wasn't a big deal for us to make a couple drinks.

When pulling out of the parking lot, instead of turning on my defroster... I pushed the flasher button...(oh gosh.. I forgot the word)... and didn't realize it for a while ~_~... I should not have been driving home.

Finally... I put on my pajama pants... and it brought back memories of Jamie.  Buying the pants at Walmart... Him wearing them in my kitchen.. made me sad. 

Also,  "I have just invited Jim to suck it." what episode is that from?

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