Thursday, January 20, 2011

Language and You

This past year has been quite fun as far as languages are concerned.
This past semester I took Japanese at UWM.  It was really interesting.  I think I have a good basis to begin self study.  There is this wonderful website that one of my friends showed me called  I have been using it to memorize my Japanese vocabulary.

I am also very interested in becoming more involved in the field of translation.  So I will be practicing that, and restudying my old grammar text books.

Currently I have become interested in the mood created by creepy movies.  I love the atmosphere.  I just watched The Ring, and found it interesting to watch, I'll be watching the original soon.

I got a sewing machine for Christmas!!!  So I have been spending some of my free time repairing the old pillowcases I love.  Dorky I know, but I do love to see my repair pile shrinking.

I'll try to post again soon.  ^_^


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